Ramona Rancheros

4-H is a great way to get involved in your community, make new friends, and learn new things.


We have lots of new equiptment to help us become good archers.


The Dog project is an amazing project! You can learn about different types of dogs, learn about handleing your dog and much more!

Computer Programming

Want to learn how to program computers, make computer games, and create apps?  If so, this is the project for you!


Come learn about chickens and showing chickens at the fair.

Lego Robotics

Learn to use Lego EV3 sets and to program them.  Then share your knowledge as we teach other youth what we learned.


Do you love to sew, or just want to learn how?  In the Sewing project you can learn all about sewing machines, you can learn how to sew, or improve your sewing skills! 


Being a good leader is important! In the Leadership project you can learn all about that!


Learn about plants and landscaping.

Food Preservation/Cooking

Learn how to preserve food and cook some new things.

Hiking/Outdoor Adventures

Get together one Saturday a month to enjoy the outdoors.  Hiking, maybe geocaching, and a camping trip every few months.  What fun!

Bee Keeping

Let's learn about bees and how to keep them.

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