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4-H is a great way to get involved in your community, make new friends, and learn new things.

4-H Record Books

  • Record books give 4-H members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work.  They document their skill development and their learning experiences in a written report.  4-H members measure their achievements and growth in their total years in 4-H.
  • Record books encourage members to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals.
  • Members develop Records Management and practice identifying, creating, classifying, archiving, and preserving records. 
  • The California 4-H Website has an entire page devoted to forms and reports. If you need any forms, check out the record book page on the state 4-H website. 
  • To learn how to complete the forms, read the Record Book Manual.

Primary members, ages 5-8 years, should complete the "Primary Member - Personal Development Report Form".

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